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The Greater Lowell Workforce Development Board is one of 16 Workforce Boards throughout Massachusetts, servicing the communities of Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Lowell, Tewksbury, Tyngsboro, Dunstable and Westford. We are charged with overseeing and implementing workforce development initiatives throughout the Workforce Development Area. Board members offer a wide range of skills and experience and include representatives from local businesses, educational Institutions, community based organizations, labor unions, governmental agencies, economic development bodies, and Chambers of Commerce.

The Greater Lowell Workforce Development Board oversees a wide range of workforce development activities, representing a multitude of federal and state funding streams. These include Youth, Adult and Dislocated Worker programs funded by the Workforce Development Act, The Career Center of Lowell, School to Career Initiatives, DOE Adult Basic Education Activities, The Workforce Training Fund, and other specially funded workforce development activities.


The Greater Lowell Workforce Development Board (GLWDB) is a collaborative involving employers, educational institutions, labor groups, municipal and state officials, and community-based organizations that provides leadership, policy direction, and accountability for the local workforce development system.

By securing and allocating public and private funds for high quality, innovative, and collaborative workforce development programs, the GLWDB promotes a skilled and educated workforce, meets the workforce needs of employers, and supports and sustains economic development, business competitiveness, and job creation in Greater Lowell.


The Greater Lowell Workforce Development Board is a private non-profit organization consisting of private business representatives, educational leaders, labor groups, community based organizations, local and state agencies, economic and other partners.

The Board, working in partnership with the Chief Elected Official (Lowell City Manager), provides policy guidance for workforce development initiatives in the Greater Lowell area.

The Board works in concert with business, education, labor and other agencies dedicated to improving and promoting economic sufficiency for residents of Greater Lowell.

The Greater Lowell Workforce Development Board offers a wide range of services to employers and job seekers throughout our region. Many of these services can be found at the Career Center of Lowell. See the Career Center of Lowell Website for a more detailed description.