Pursuant to WIA Workforce Issuance No. 11-27 Unified Career Center System Complaint Process (issued4/19/2011), each Massachusetts One Stop Career Center must establish and maintain a complaint process for customers based upon their status as direct recipients of WIA Title I and/or Wagner-Peyser (WIA Title III) funds. Any customer who has an employment related complaint may be assisted by the Career Center of Lowell Complaint Officer whose responsibility it is to receive the complaint, conduct an initial review of the individual’s complaint and to determine the correct adjudicated path depending on which of the two funding programs (Title I or Wagner-Peyser) the complaint falls under. Click below for more information on who to contact regarding a complaint:

Complaint Policy Contact Information

Section 188 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and WIA Regulations promulgated at 29 CFR Parts 37.76-37.79 require specific procedures for Equal Opportunity/Discrimination complaints alleged in regard to recipients and sub-recipients of WIA Title I funds and their service providers.  Equal Opportunity/Discrimination complaints must be resolved within 90 days of the date the complaint was filed.  Customers alleging discrimination based on a perceived violation of any of the following statutory or regulatory requirements may choose to have their complaints adjudicated at either the local or federal level in accordance with  procedures specifically described in WIA Issuance 01-38 (issued August 2, 2001), WIA Grievance Procedures for Equal Opportunity/Discrimination Complaints and as affirmed by adoption of the policy by DCS as announced in WIA communication No.4-22, Equal Opportunity Policies (issued 3/12/04). Click below for more information on Equal Opportunity/Discrimination law.
Equal Opportunity is the Law