Makes Key Investments in Serving Disconnected Youth:WIOA prepares vulnerable youth for successful employment through increasing the use of proven service models services.

  • Local areas must increase the percentage of youth formula funds used to serve out-of-school youth to 75 percent from 30 percent under current law.
  • Local areas must spend at least 20 percent of youth formula funds on work experience activities such as summer jobs, pre-apprenticeship, on-the-job training, and internships so that youth can are prepared for employment.
  • YouthBuild participants can get training in growing fields in addition to construction, expanding career opportunities for these youth.

Enhances the Job Corps Program: WIOA increases the performance outcomes and quality of Job Corps.

  • Job Corps will report on the Youth program’s common performance measures to increase alignment between the programs.
  • Job Corps will establish community networks with employers, labor organizations, and State and local boards to improve services to and outcomes for participants.
  • DOL will use competition to increase performance and quality so Job Corps is serving students well.